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Results, PBs, CRs and Trophy Winners


Results of all formal competitive events are recorded on our club management system SwimClub Manager. If you want to find out where your swimmer ranks in the County, Region or Nationally then pay a visit to this website https://www.swimmingresults.org/

Personal bests (PBs)

The aim of competition is to have fun and improve your personal bests – which are now stored on SwimClub Manager. To view them go to your member / view my swimmers and then one of the small options is a green timer. Click this and you can see all your PBs and performances.

A PB is simply the fastest time the swimmer has ever swum for a particular stroke/distance combination.

Swimmers can track the progress of their PBs by collecting ASA competitive award badges (bronze, silver, gold and platinum). To gain an ASA competitive award, it doesn't matter what age you are or where you come in your race: you just have to achieve the time and stroke criteria.

Wey Valley Swimming Club Summer Sprints 2017

Club records

An Official club record is the fastest time ever swum in the history of the club (since 1978) by a male or female in a particular age group for a particular event (stroke/distance). An Age on the Day record is the best time achieved since c.2008. It is not an official club record, but a massive achievement which should be celebrated too.


WVSC Club Records JUN-24 OFFICIAL.pdf

AGE ON THE DAY Records (Updated Dec-23)

WVSC Club Bests JUN-24 BY AGE.pdf

Trophy Winners [Under Construction]

In celebration of the Trophies awarded each year, we've been through the archives to pull together a definitive list of all the winners, including the current holders. 

The trophies are given at the Annual Awards in December, for achievements across the club. It is up to the winner to engrave them before they should be returned in November. 

Special Awards

President's Cup, donated by Ann Tizzard
2023 The Aitchison Family
2022 Sophie Quinn
2021 Vicky Paterson
2020 Estelle Spencer
2019 Vicki Moore
2018 Christina Victor
2017 Sarah Gregory
2016 Nicola Hall
2015 The Edwards Family
2014 Gill Barraclough
2013 Paula Bell
2012 Chris Michael
2011 The Osborne Family
2010 Jeni Colbourne
2009 Karen Tuddenham
2008 Sharon Gourlay
2007 Deborah Wanstall
2006 J. Meddings
2005 Trevor Marshall
2004 Bob Cox
2003 Ben Wanstall
2002 Alan Bird
2001 Jessica Mastromarco & John Williams
2000 Kate Colbourne
1999 Amy Nelson

Stroke Cups [Awarded at the discretion of the coaches]

Wanstall Cup for BACKSTROKE Clapp Cup for BREASTSTROKE Woodroof Cup for BUTTERFLY Sunderland Cup for FREESTYLE Colbourne Cup for INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY
2023 Lilia Stredwick Lauren Johnson Lottie Quinn Thomas Fowler Lilia Moore
2022 Lilia Stredwick Timmy Hicks Lydia McHardy Jude Campbell Lilia Moore
2021 Lily Maguire Duane Godfrey Tom Stubbings Thomas Fowler Abi Garner
2020 None awarded (COVID)
2019 Scarlett Whitehead Joe Colton Matthew Anderton Bethany Whitaker Lilia Moore
2018 Alex Paterson Dom Ascough Josh Smaller Lilia Moore Naila O'Reilly
2017 Cass Din Sibella Colton Tom Hayland Natasha Gregory Hannah Baidya
2016 Josh Smaller Dom Ascough Olivia Giles Alex Gale William Ho
2015 Tom Edmunds Gemma Spencer Hannah Baidya Cass Din Joe Lubeck
2014 Hope Mepham Joe Tombleson Matt Danton Alex Gale Natasha Gregory
2013 Tom Edmunds Sadie Lawrence Luke Edwards Robbie Faulkner Chelsea Wilkinson
2012 Imogen Wilkinson Joe Tombleson Chloe Walter Imogen Harms Luke Edwards
2011 Natasha Gregory Alex Kearsey Honor Hodgson Luke Robinson Mark Tuddenham
2010 Ellen Attwood Chelsea Wilkinson George Gregory Ollie Hall Mark Tuddenham
2009 Liz Bell Alex Kearsey Shauna Penfold James Toone Emily Whall
2008 James Gourlay Catriona Groom Luke Edwards Callum Black Nancy Shaw
2007 James Toone Alice Walker-Earwicker Emily Whall Samantha Tuddenham Oliver Goodlud
2006 Megan Flaherty Catriona Groom Nancy Shaw Rachael Cawthorn Tom Cawthorn
2005 Emma-Jane Walker Michael Baxter Greg Flashman Emily Cockerill Robbie Flashman
2004 Louise Bird Catriona Groom Sarah Drew Isabelle Noon Tom Cawthorn
2003 Matt Welch Fay Lamph Pippa Howells Richard Keeble Tom Cawthorn
2002 Louise Bird Allegra Dowding Ben Wanstall Joanna Webb Christopher Hughes
2001 Kimberley Wong Tom Cawthorne Louise Bird Chris Medley Thomas Marshall
2000 Tom Bonham Kate Mastromarco Laura Dobson J. Campion-Smith Chris Medley
1999 J. Masromarco John Williams Charlotte Cooke B. Wanstall Sarah Nielson

More Trophy histories to be added shortly.

Wey Valley Swimming Club Summer Sprints 2017

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