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Our competitive squads aim to develop competitive swimmers by building technique, fitness, and speed; and to get children into the swimming habit. They are for children who have attained specified standards of skill/speed and can commit to training regularly.

We have three squads, whose members train 2.5-7.5 hours a week:

Squad Typical age Sessions/week Available sessions
Development 8-10 2 (2.5-4hrs) 3
Junior 10-13 3 (3-5.5hrs) 4
Senior 12+ 3-5 (3.5-7.5hrs) 5

WVSC Squad Structure

Pool-time is scarce; and the amount of training time we offer is limited relative to high-performance squads at other clubs. Nonetheless, it’s possible to achieve great things through excellent attendance and the right attitude.

Wey Valley Swimming Club Summer Sprints 2017

We offer a choice of sessions for all squads; to maximise utilisation of pool space, swimmers must pre-select sessions at the start of each term, rather than switching from week to week.

Swimmers progress through the squads by age/ability, according to published criteria. We are an inclusive club so these criteria are not too demanding; highlights include:

  • Entrants to Development Squad must have achieved NPTS Stage 7 (or swim at that level).
  • Entrants to Junior Squad must have registered legal times for all strokes and have achieved ASA Competitive Speed Bronze Awards in at least two strokes.
  • Entrants to Senior Squad aged 12-13 must have an ASA Competitive Speed Gold Award in one stroke and Silver Awards in three others; criteria for older swimmers (aged 14+) are based on their existing peer group within the squad.
  • Good attendance and attitude are requirements across all squads.

For those who are unable or don’t choose to progress up through the squads, our aim is that they continue swimming (preferably with us) for fitness and enjoyment.

All sessions are coached by qualified coaches, based on prepared sets. The training cycles vary with the time of year, working towards key events in the competitive calendar.

Members in the competitive squads are expected to:

  • Take part in our two annual internal club competitions.
  • Represent the club at galas (if invited).
  • Participate in a couple of open meets each year.

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