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Not everyone is driven by performance goals and wants to train all hours with the club. We have a Senior Fitness group which caters for those who want to train 1-2 hours per week, but also maintain the option to compete should they want.

This is ideal for older swimmers who want to maintain swimming, but not exhaust themselves with excessive training hours.

The sessions are led by qualified coaches, with a set designed to build stamina and involve a variety of strokes (but only a little butterfly). There is some feedback, but it is not a lesson, so participants must also be able to swim to NPTS Stage 7 standard.

For anyone wishing to swim a second session, we offer the option to swim in selected competitive squad sessions; this involves doing the same set as the other swimmers, so it’s necessary to swim to the required standard. This is also available for current squad members who decide to stop competing and/or can’t meet the full training commitment.

Members of Club Squad can take part in internal club competitions: this is entirely optional and there’s no pressure to participate if you’re not interested in competing.

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